Loretta Friend is a certified, ICF-credentialed life coach with a passion for helping people connect to the wisest, most loving part of themselves and guide themselves to anything they want by making it a priority to feel good. 

Combining the teachings and practices of Abraham-Hicks and Martha Beck, she helps people understand and harness the wisdom that is available to them through their emotions to genuinely feel better more of the time, operate with more clarity and peace, improve their point of attraction, and fast-track their dreams.

With a special emphasis on helping clients experience the magic and power that “feeling better first” can bring to the resolution of any issue, Loretta loves helping people transform their awareness of their emotions into a SUPERPOWER that will guide them to their very best life and to the realization of whatever they want to have or be or do.

You can find Loretta online at https://lorettafriend.com/.