What is an LOA coach?

A Law of Attraction (LOA) Coach is a life coach who uses the principles of deliberate creation to guide you in achieving your dreams, goals and desires. They work with you on any area of life you want to improve (although some coaches specialize in certain niches), and approach the work with a focus on the energy and managing your vibrational signal rather than putting the spotlight solely on the action.

An LOA coach knows that your thoughts and feelings create your outcomes, and helps you to harness that creative power deliberately. By helping you become more aware of how your energetic vibration is tuned, and learning to manage that signal more deliberately, you become a powerful agent of change in your life.

How is an LOA coach different than other life coaches?

LOA coaches differ from traditional life coaches in that they have a committed focus on the profound effect your thoughts and feelings (aka vibration/energetic frequency) have on what you create.

Instead of relying on action-based plans to make things happen, an LOA Coach supports you in managing your vibration to create what you want.

Your LOA coach will help you embrace habits to enhance your manifesting skills, release limiting beliefs and other forms of resistance, and remind you that you are creating your world and whatever you want is completely within reach.

Why work with an LOA coach?

LOA coaches are committed to helping you engage what works best to create the changes you want in your life: creating vibrational alignment to what you want before you take any action. And then, ensuring that any action you take is enjoyable and positive. If that sounds unrealistic, you are in for a pleasant surprise! Your LOA Coach helps you remember/understand your true power to live life like you want it – by embracing the principles and practices of conscious creation.

How to choose an LOA coach

When choosing any coach it’s important to engage someone you feel a rapport with. Your feelings about your coaching relationship will affect your results, so it’s worth taking your time and maybe even speaking with several potential coaches until you feel the right “click” with someone.

Or, if you’re already familiar with intention setting, you can set an intention to find the perfect coach, trust your guidance, and skip the interview process.  😉

Please note there was no vetting process conducted with the coaches listed here. Conduct your interview process thoroughly! 

How are coaches chosen to be listed?

Only those LOA-based professionals who actively offer private coaching services are listed in the directory. Life coaches who do not publicly state their practice foundation on law of attraction are not included. These listings are unpaid and uncompensated. Although we took some effort to verify each coach does incorporate LOA into their practice, we cannot guarantee that’s the case.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is a universal principle that dictates like energy attracts like energy. It is based on the premise that vibrational frequencies tend to resonate in kind. It is not associated with any specific religious disciplines, and many different teachers share the concepts of conscious creation.

One of the most popular resources for studying the law of attraction (aka deliberate creation, manifesting, conscious creation, creating your own reality, etc.) is the teachings of Abraham through Esther Hicks.

What is life coaching?

A life coach works one on one with their client to foster and support the client’s personal growth and development and to achieve their goals. Coaches are professionals dedicated to assisting clients in taking the actions necessary to create lives that they love.

Life coaching is different than therapy or counseling. A life coach does not focus on reviewing past events or analyzing previous failures. Life coaches help clients create a personal plan to overcome fears and achieve their personal and professional goals in life.

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