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Law of Attraction Coaches Directory

This is an independent unaffiliated listing of current manifesting coaches. (Or at least, we try to keep it current!) If you find an error link, please let us know so we can update our directory!

And if you are a current LOA coach would like to be included in this directory, email your info for addition. 

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Amy Schloerb is a professional actor who coaches people along fun and fulfilling journeys from where they are right now to where they truly want to be. She loves working with folks from all walks of life who are ready to team up with an LOA-savvy coach who is excited to help them create lives they love. Amy will help you

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Amy Schloerb

Davina Vather is a Certified Life and Personal Development Coach. She has studied Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction for almost a decade. She helps women to make positive and lasting changes in their lives by using a balance of “woo-woo meets work”.Davina loves motivating and inspiring her clients to manifest the goals they set

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Davina Vather

Cari Rauch is a Certified Life Coach with a twist. She doesn’t do goal-setting, action plans, being more productive or working harder. She offers an enticing and life changing alternative which is about inspiring women to make today the best day of their life not someday in the future. She empowers her clients to daily

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Cari Rauch

Dr. Ming Chee is a spiritual money alchemist and reiki master. She is both a practitioner and teacher devoted to metaphysical healing and transformational guidance for co-creating personal alchemy towards energetic freedom and abundance. Ming is the author of Money Blues to Blue Money and The Equation of Money. Ming also publishes the Money Alchemy

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Ming Chee

Nikkyʼs mission is to guide, teach, coach and empower people to use their thoughts and feelings as a guide to living a life full of harmony, love and happy days. Nikky helps people understand the power of their alignment and to use it to live a life that they choose rather than a life that chooses them. Her

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Nikky Dhillon

Mina Vo is an LOA Transformational Life Coach who specializes in Personal Growth, Self Confidence, Leadership and Career Transformation coaching, and maintains a private practice online. She serves as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. In addition to being a professional Life Coach, Mina also presented nationally to general audiences speaking on the

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Mina Vo

Sally is an intuitive life coach working in alignment with Law of Attraction as well as with a person’s True Self identity, not small-self ‘drama’. Helping peel back layers of one’s beliefs allows her to see their “life path”, which is her mission. She has a unique ability in working with healers (alternative, medical, vibrational/sound,

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Sally Brower

Karl Gruber’s expertise and experience as an athlete and running coach, combined with being a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach give him a unique perspective to help you discover the blockages that are holding you back. With his focus on the “3 Pillars” philosophy of building a rock-solid personal foundation for your life, based

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Karl Gruber

Take your time, explore new paths, achieve your goals, fail at some and let go of things along the way. Let go of resentment, old stories, limiting beliefs and relationships that don’t let you thrive. You are not in this alone. Joy is a LOA coach and a multicultural, lesbian mom with great love and

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Joy Zalzala-Soyka

Liana is a Life Coach, Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. It is her mission to help others create the life and body of their dreams! She believes health and fitness have to be a part of our plan to achieve any goal, because our bodies allow us to live our dreams!

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Liana Salas

Wendy Dillard, B. Msc. is a Law of Attraction Coach and Law of Attraction Expert. You’re Wendy’s ideal client if you already know about the Law of Attraction and are highly inspired to use Law of Attraction principles to improve the quality of your life. Wendy can help you take what you already know about

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Wendy Dillard

Known as the Goddess of Laughter and Possibilities, Elaine helps clients get clear on their vision, discover hidden challenges, design inspired action strategy, shift beliefs and rediscover the magic in life. Her Dance with Life program is about becoming the deliberate creator you came here to be.  As a lover of dance, Elaine says it

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Elaine Torrance-Gingrich

Nancy is a dually certified life coach and intuitive working mainly with the laws of attraction which focuses on how each of our individual vibrations call in certain lessons that support us to evolve and progress forwards. Her background in meditation, reiki, reflexology, energy, yoga, and crystal healing will help you transform your dreams into

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Nancy Joyce Hunter

Cassie offers a variety of Law of Attraction fun on what she calls the Manifesting Playground. Scripting, visualizing, and getting in touch with the vibration of what you want to attract are Cassie’s specialties. Cassie is your coach if you feel like you know the how tos of the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation,

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Cassie Parks

Sarah currently works as a Success Coach with professional athletes and coaches at the college level as well as NBA and NFL.  She guides her clients through the major transitions in their career and keeps them driven, focused and humble. She uses much of this strategy in her Law of Attraction Coaching and seminar sessions

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Sarah Centrella

Imagine what you could accomplish if you had an internal compass that unerringly brought you back to your truest path and your authentic self. To a life of quality easy where work felt like play, where you trust your inner strength and courage, and where you enjoy success on your terms. Anne Bolender’s Clarity Coaching

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Anne Bolender

Goddess Allison is a Law of Attraction Life Improvement Coach who specializes in Soulmate Matchmaking & Abundance Development. After manifesting a soulmate using the Law of Attraction within 3 months time, she decided to combine her decade of experience in holistic studies with her decade of experience as a teacher and counselor to become a

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Goddess Allison

Drew Rozell lives a very cool life in the sticks. To give you a bit more insight, most of his neighbors are cows — on the NY/Vermont border. He shares his life with a wife, two kids, a dog and three cats.  Find Drew online at Very Cool Life.

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Drew Rozell

David is a certified Law of Attraction life coach and the author of “Vibratize Your Life!” who works with men and woman, both straight and gay.  He also does both individual and couples coaching. He teaches his clients how to attract more of what they want into their lives, and how to enjoy life more

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David Bartky

Susan Shearer Young is a Law of Attraction Coach through her company, Inside Job Coaching, and is dedicated to those committed to moving beyond their old story and from feeling blocked into living the abundant lives they desire. Susan understands well that when it’s your “stuff” that is holding you back, it can sometimes be

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Susan Shearer Young

Bonnie Taulere is a life coach focusing on the quality of your relationship with yourself as the foundation of the quality of your life and your ability to create what you want. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs navigate career transition, or make other big changes to upgrade their lives. In addition to career change, Bonnie also

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Bonnie Taulere

Linda Armstrong is a certified Law of Attraction life coach. She guides people to know their Power-With-In and their connection to the Universal Energy. She helps clients tap into that energy to create their lives by using just their own thoughts and emotions, to be inspired to what they want to create, and to enjoy

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Linda Armstrong

Ruby is the founder of Everyday LOA Magic and says for as long as she can remember she has believed “everything will be okay.” Ruby’s journey began with a desire to understand what makes us who we are, why are we here, how things happen. In addition to law of attraction coaching, Ruby also practices and

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Ruby Gangadharan

Anne Nayer is the founder of Life Coach Paradise residing in the beautiful Caribbean. She is a Professional Life Coach who actually does live in Paradise! Anne works with individuals, groups and organizations around the world who want to succeed, feel good and produce extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives. Since she truly believes that people

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Anne Nayer

Lori Hamann has been a life coach since 1997, empowering and inspiring others to personally evolve and create abundance in their lives.  As president of Evolve Life Coaching, her mission and purpose is simply to raise people’s consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best. Within her practice she uses a combination of

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Lori Hamann

Linda DeCarlo is a Personal Development Trainer and a Certified Law of Attraction Life and Business Coach. Linda empowers organizations and individuals, most especially Busy Entreprenurial and Executive Women, to cut through the chaotic clutter of life and work to what is truly meaningful. Through her programs clients learn and apply both inner and outer

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Linda DeCarlo

Stella Seaspirit is your Witchy Law of Attraction Coach ~ merging deliberate creation and Witchcraft. She is the creator of Magick by Design which is a dynamic and highly intuitive form of coaching. Stella helps you Witchify your life to allow an undeterred stream of magick to flow toward you. If the likes of flickering candles,

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Stella Seaspirit

Maria Lesetz is a Law-of Attraction Health & Happiness Coach and founder of Lovin’ Life – a coaching company that specializes in facilitating powerful, personal transformations in physical and emotional well-being. Maria specializes in stress management, work-life balance, weight loss, chronic health conditions and breaking through all those mental obstacles that keep you from being

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Maria Lesetz

Jeannette Maw is the publisher of Good Vibe Blog and LOA Recon podcast, and also hosts the LOA party at Good Vibe University. For nearly two decades she’s been on a full time mission to inspire fellow creators through her blog, podcasts, newsletters and online university for manifestors. She believes practicing conscious creation puts all our

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Jeannette Maw

Law of Attraction Coach, Kathryn Corbin, is a master at inspiring and motivating clients to create a life absolutely overflowing with happiness, love, empowerment, freedom, vibrant good health, joyous relationships, and super-charged prosperity.  She is ready to encourage, inspire and support you to: Live your best life now Attract what you DO want Stop attracting

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Kathryn Corbin


5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Next LOA Coach

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