Law of Attraction Coaches

If you’re looking for a law of attraction coach, you’re in the right place! These listings are not restricted to membership or affiliation or payment of any sort. Just a rockin’ compilation of real deal LOA coaches. (Contact us if we’re missing anyone!)

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Nikky Dhillon

Nikky Dhillon, Law of Attraction CoachNikkyʼs mission is to guide, teach, coach and empower people to use their thoughts and feelings as a guide to living a life full of harmony, love and happy days.

Nikky helps people understand the power of their alignment and to use it to live a life that they choose rather than a life that chooses them.

Her strength in coaching is in the area of parenting, self esteem and creating more happy days irrespective of what’s happening in your life which as you will learn will also automatically help you manifest the things you really desire.

Reach Nikky online at Happy Days

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Lisa Hayes

Lisa Hayes, law of attraction love coachLisa Hayes is The Love Whisperer with more than a decade of experience as a relationship coach and licensed hypnotherapist. Using the principles of the Law of Attraction and the insider tools of a hypnotherapist (as well as insights from her own love life), Lisa guides women to find the love they want, within and without.

Lisa is the author of Score Your Soulmate and host of Relationship RX radio show. She lives in Olympia, WA with her fabulous husband, amazing sons and four dogs. She is much more balanced (no pun intended), thanks to a devoted yoga and meditation practice.  Find her online at

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Dr. Denise Bibeau Reaves

Dr. Denise Reaves, Law of Attraction CoachDr. Denise Reaves is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach with over 20 years of coaching experience helping people achieve their goals and desires in all areas of their lives.

She believes people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives and assists clients to cultivate what is best within themselves in order to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play.

She wants to help you elevate your personal power and your thinking, along with increasing your abundance and prosperity mindset. Find Dr. Reaves online at

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Sherry Trentini

Sherry Trentini, law of attraction coachSherry Trentini helps people create space and bring balance into their lives by letting go of what no longer serves; turning impossibilities into possibilities; aligning thoughts, feelings and actions – with a feng shui twist!

Her approach is a fusion of her training in feng shui, multiple body work modalities, energy work and law of attraction coaching. You can find Sherry online at

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Eoin Corbett

Eoin Corbett, law of attraction coachLife is meant to be fun … not just at weekends! Did you know that the biggest gap in life is between what people know and what they actually do? Eoin coaches individuals, groups, businesses and athletes on how to apply the law of attraction to everyday life and live a fulfilling life of happiness, health and success. 🙂 It doesn’t take long … consistency and caring about how you feel are key!

What would your life be like if you lived it to the full? Take a moment to imagine it …

Eoin personally trained with Bob Proctor (from ‘The Secret’) and his passion is sharing life wisdom with others! Contact Eoin for a chat today via

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Tracy Gaudet

Tracy Gaudet, law of attraction coachTracy is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach specializing in women’s empowerment business coaching and Spiritual Journeys. She uses LOA, life coaching, EFT tapping, oracle card reading and Chakra Healing to teach her clients how to move through negative blocks and create business, life and spiritual transformation.

As a mother of 3 and owner of 2 companies Tracy knows first hand what it is like to feel stuck and busy, and also how to get out of that cycle. She is passionate about helping women illuminate their path and reconnect with who they truly are.

Find Tracy Gaudet online here.

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Cari Rauch

Cari Rauch, law of attraction coachCari Rauch is a Certified Life Coach with a twist. She doesn’t do goal-setting, action plans, being more productive or working harder. She offers an enticing and life changing alternative which is about inspiring women to make today the best day of their life not someday in the future.

She empowers her clients to daily design & live a life they love through helping them to cultivate a lifestyle where they fall in love with life daily, indulge in pleasure and play, and become a magnet to their dreams & desires all while delighting and enjoying each step of the way.

Find Cari online at

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Ginny Gane

Ginny Gane, law of attraction coachA world traveler currently in Ontario Canada, Ginny lives her life playing with the amazingly powerful Law of Attraction. She loves life and wants others to find their own happy, to move away from the “shoulds” of society and really dream, create and experience a life to be in love with.

Find Ginny online at

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Nancy Joyce Hunter

Nancy Joyce HunterNancy is a dually certified life coach and intuitive working mainly with the laws of attraction which focuses on how each of our individual vibrations call in certain lessons that support us to evolve and progress forwards.

Her background in meditation, reiki, reflexology, energy, yoga, and crystal healing will help you transform your dreams into projects! Find Nancy at

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Elaine Torrance-Gingrich

Elaine Torrance-Gingrich, law of attraction coachKnown as the Goddess of Laughter and Possibilities, Elaine helps clients get clear on their vision, discover hidden challenges, design inspired action strategy, shift beliefs and rediscover the magic in life.

Her Dance with Life program is about becoming the deliberate creator you came here to be.  As a lover of dance, Elaine says it was natural for her to use it to translate the process of deliberate creation for her coaching clients.  Learn more about Elaine and her services at Avalonian Moon.

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Janette Dalgliesh

Janette Dalgliesh, law of attraction coach

Janette Dalgliesh is the Identity Shift Ninja, using her unique blend of hardcore brain science and esoteric training to help people figure out what they want, and then help them get it. She describes her work as a blend of soul archaeology, brain whispering and joy navigation, and says that identity shifting is definitely not the mainstream approach to life. In fact, to the untrained eye identity shifting looks a lot like trafficking in miracles. And it’s way more fun (and more powerful) than struggle or sacrifice.

Janette is a gifted coach who uses her powerful skills in numerology and astrology to reveal her client’s most powerful and authentic selves, and then brings LOA, positive psychology and neuroscience to the mix to create practical, real-world strategies tailor-made for each client.

Based in south-east Australia, with an international following, she is on faculty for Good Vibe University and has received LOA Leaders Awards for both of her best-selling “Your Everyday Superpower” books. You can find her at; or grab her no-strings, no sign-up high value audio training at

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Sarah Centrella

Sarah Centrella, law of attraction coachSarah currently works as a Success Coach with professional athletes and coaches at the college level as well as NBA and NFL.  She guides her clients through the major transitions in their career and keeps them driven, focused and humble. She uses much of this strategy in her Law of Attraction Coaching and seminar sessions to teach “everyday people” how to live a life beyond their expectations.

After manifesting two vision boards in a short period of time, Sarah’s learned the trick to getting vision boards to manifest and how to quickly recreate your life. She shares the same method her professional athletes have used to achieve success: Hustle. Believe. Receive. Sarah is a chick on a mission to prove anything is possible for anyone. Find more about Sarah here.

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Anne Bolender

Anne BolenderImagine what you could accomplish if you had an internal compass that unerringly brought you back to your truest path and your authentic self. To a life of quality easy where work felt like play, where you trust your inner strength and courage, and where you enjoy success on your terms.

Anne Bolender’s Clarity Coaching helps you align to your life of quality easy, find your truest path, and deliberately create your authentic life.

Anne Bolender is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and can be found playing online at

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Llynne Switzer

Llynne Switzer, personal reality architect and life coachLlynne is a personal reality architect coach in Las Vegas, Nevada who helps people get laser clarification on what they want. She helps them remove blocks, develop a step by step guide to accomplishing their goal and helping them to achieve that goal with exercises and homework designed to help them imprint the subconscious with the new programming and remove the old programming.

Her coaching program is custom designed using a mixture of law of attraction, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive affirmations, hypnosis, and EFT to quickly and permanently transform your life into how you dream it to be. Contact Llynne at Celestial Gardens Life Transformation Services.

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Goddess Allison

Goddess Allison, Law of Attraction Life Improvement CoachGoddess Allison is a Law of Attraction Life Improvement Coach who specializes in Soulmate Matchmaking & Abundance Development. After manifesting a soulmate using the Law of Attraction within 3 months time, she decided to combine her decade of experience in holistic studies with her decade of experience as a teacher and counselor to become a Life Improvement Coach to help others manifest their big divine dreams too.

Find Allison online at or visit her blog at where she documents her accelerated journey with helpful tips, using the principles of the Law of Attraction.

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Drew Rozell

Drew Rozell Drew Rozell lives a very cool life in the sticks.

To give you a bit more insight, most of his neighbors are cows — on the NY/Vermont border. He shares his life with a wife, two kids, a dog and three cats. 

Find Drew online at Very Cool Life.

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Rita Hurry

Rita Hurry, Law of Attraction Coach

Coach Rita is a certified Law of Attraction Coach and Chakra Energy Healer, as well as a Law of Attraction Radio Show Presenter on LOA Radio Network, hosting the show ‘Your Missing Link to the Law of Attraction’. Coach Rita has a huge passion for sharing her LOA knowledge and skill to inspire others to believe in themselves and their dreams and to gain value in their lives.

She has studied positive psychology and strategic intervention as well as NLP and is a certified Myers Briggs Practitioner. She has coached for the National Health Service in the UK, and worked with those who have suffered from depression and anxiety, helping them back into employment or business. Coach Rita has recently been awarded the Best LOA Coach 2015 and is a now a Wisdom Teacher with the Ripe & Ready Team inspiring generations across the globe to believe in themselves. Rita uses LOA combined with her life coaching skills to offer coaching in career, relationships with others and with self. Find out more about Rita at Coach Rita.

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David Bartky

David Bartkey, law of attraction coach David is a certified Law of Attraction life coach and the author of “Vibratize Your Life!” who works with men and woman, both straight and gay.  He also does both individual and couples coaching.

He teaches his clients how to attract more of what they want into their lives, and how to enjoy life more and more each day. Whether you’ve just heard about Law of Attraction or are already familiar with it and want a reminder of how to use it in your daily life, David will be pleased to offer you a free mini-session. Find out more at

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Imelda Leahy

Imelda Leahy, law of attraction coachImelda Leahy is a UK specialist in Attraction Coaching. You can receive flexible telephone/Skype coaching with the “The Secret” ingredient from anywhere in the world. Live workshops specialising in “Attracting Abundance!” are also available in the South East of the UK.

Imelda believes deeply that we attract ALL the situations, events and things we see around us with our thoughts and core beliefs. In order to create something different in your life, you need to be vibrating something new. Your beliefs, your feelings, your chronic thinking patterns and expectations ensure your life stays the same. As an Attraction Coach, assisting people like you, to create new patterns, expectations and beliefs is Imelda’s speciality. To find out more visit

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Anisa Aven

Anisa Aven, law of attraction coachAnisa is a visionary change-maker and conscious leader. She is an author, speaker, coach, conscious capitalist & social activist. Anisa’s willingness to be authentic and transparent as she shares her personal journey & formula for success has garnered her legions of loyal fans. With more than 50,000 subscribers to her Conscious Success e-zine, Anisa is considered one of the world’s top manifestation mentors and a law of attraction icon. 

Find Anisa online at CreataVision.

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Matt O’Grady

Matt O'Grady, law of attraction business coachMatt O’Grady is the LOA Business Coach who teaches business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on the power of the moment, gratitude, and to understand the Law of Attraction’s awe-inspiring capacity to change one’s existence.

Matt guides his clients through the process of creating the highest success in their businesses by tapping into their two greatest resources: the mind and the heart. His mission is to teach the practical aspects of gratitude, self love, forgiveness, abundance and the Law of Attraction.  Find Matt online at LOA Business Coach.

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Loago T. Madigele

Loago Madigele, law of attraction coachLoago is a Law of Attraction coach based in Melbourne, Australia with a background in financial investing (former Certified Financial Analyst, Senior Equity Analyst) who uses Theta Healing in conjunction with Law of Attraction to give clients a unique perspective in creating financial abundance along with whatever else makes their heart sing.

She works with clients to challenge their limiting beliefs about what is possible, clear out stuckness, and manifest their desires in the ‘real’ world.  If you’re on a quest to create a more fulfilling life, visit Loago online at Gold Dust Coach.

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Alexander Rutgers

Alex Rutger, Law of Attraction CoachAlexander Rutgers is the founder of Winner Coaching in the Netherlands.  (English translation available.)

In studying the causes of what leads to success, Alexander learned to observe and feel “the soul look” of individuals and organizations.  He identifies the deeper causes of stagnation and brings his passion for and knowledge of the scientific laws of nature, as well as The Inner Game, to create flowing abundance.  In this way he helps his clients achieve previously deemed impossible goals.  Find Alexander at Winner Coaching.

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Linda Armstrong

Linda Armstrong, law of attraction coachLinda Armstrong is a certified Law of Attraction life coach. She guides people to know their Power-With-In and their connection to the Universal Energy. She helps clients tap into that energy to create their lives by using just their own thoughts and emotions, to be inspired to what they want to create, and to enjoy every step on their journey through life.

Linda loves coaching and says that her purpose in life is to help people to really start living their lives using their thoughts. Find Linda online at Linda Armstrong.

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Andrea Conway

Andrea Conway, law of attraction coachLaw of Attraction marketing coach Andrea Conway works with solopreneurs and small business owners ready to receive the income and success they want from the business they love.

Entrepreneurs who love their work are sometimes challenged to bring it to the world as successfully as they’d like. Andrea believes in her clients’ ability to make a shift where it counts the most: growing the business they love directly from their authentic inner power.  Learn more about Andrea’s LOA coaching at Successful Self Employment.

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Jenny Grainger

Jenny Grainger, law of attraction coachJenny Grainger has been working as a Life Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and Inspirational Speaker since 2005 and has helped hundreds of people across Ireland to create positive and meaningful change in their lives.  She sees client on a 1-1 basis at her premises near Belfast, Northern Ireland or Dublin, Ireland and she gives talks/workshops in a wide variety of different locations.

Learn more about Jenny at Fresh Start Coaching, where you can email her to book a complimentary introductory coach session.

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Allie Phillips

Allie PhillipsAllie is the founder of Manifested Harmony which combines Law of Attraction/Universal Law coaching with Energy Healing so that you can manifest more harmony in your life!

Having successfully manifested many things with the Law of Attraction after learning that core beliefs must match to intentions, Allie uses her real-life experiences to help people learn the intricacies of LOA so that they can, too, bring into their lives what they truly desire. Find Allie online at Manifested Harmony.

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Ruby Gangadharan

Ruby Gangadharan, law of attraction coachRuby is the founder of Everyday LOA Magic and says for as long as she can remember she has believed “everything will be okay.”

Ruby’s journey began with a desire to understand what makes us who we are, why are we here, how things happen. In addition to law of attraction coaching, Ruby also practices and teaches Vinyasa yoga, consults with budding businesses, and conducts behavioral workshops for corporations.

She writes: “Magic is around us, in us, I invite you to discover a connection with your higher self, to wield the power and take complete responsibility for your life.”  Contact Ruby here.

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Sara Crain

Sara Crain, law of attraction coachSara Crain says that each individual client is unique, therefore the systems and approach may be modified for each client to acheive that client’s desired outcomes. Harnessing the awesome power of the Law of Attraction and other universal Laws is at the core of all her coaching.

Find out more about Sara’s services at My LOA Coach.

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SandhanSandhan is a law of attraction coach who says she’s led a relatively unconventional life but is nevertheless a ‘normal’ human being who has applied tried and tested success principles in all areas of her life and is achieving wonderful results which make her increasingly happy.

In her opinion, daily happiness and joy are the true tests of a life well lived and the real measure of a person’s success and prosperity.  Learn more about Sandhan and her coaching services at Sandan Inc.

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Anne Nayer

Anne Nayer, law of attraction coachAnne Nayer is the founder of Life Coach Paradise residing in the beautiful Caribbean.

She is a Professional Life Coach who actually does live in Paradise! Anne works with individuals, groups and organizations around the world who want to succeed, feel good and produce extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives. Since she truly believes that people create their own realities, she knows that you can create your version of paradise.  Learn more about Anne’s services at Life Coach Paradise.

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Ellie Walsh

Ellie Walsh, law of attraction coachEllie Walsh is a Law of Attraction Trainer & Life Coach who helps clients understand and utilize the Law of Attraction in their daily lives.

She offers workshops, teleseminars, and private coaching to support deliberate creators, and is the author of 4 Steps to Creating the Life You Desire.  Learn more about Ellie at Living the Law of Attraction.

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Nancy Barry-Jansson

Nancy Barry-Jansson, law of attraction coachNancy Barry-Jansson has been on her spiritual path for more than 30 years. Self-employed for 16 of those years, she uses the same techniques and tools in her own life and business that she now shares with clients.

While traditional coaching focuses mostly on asking questions, Nancy’s approach includes asking coaching questions to help clarify desires, then mentoring toward your unique vision of success.  She is also highly intuitive, sensing underlying blocks and issues to quickly help you get to the heart of the matter.

She offers ongoing group sessions for solo creative and healing professionals who are ready to move to the next level of success and would benefit from the support.  Learn more about Nancy at

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Lori Hamann

Lori Hamann, law of attraction coachLori Hamann has been a life coach since 1997, empowering and inspiring others to personally evolve and create abundance in their lives.  As president of Evolve Life Coaching, her mission and purpose is simply to raise people’s consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.

Within her practice she uses a combination of philosophy and unique processes which are deeply and significantly inspired by the Law of Attraction. Simplified, she believes that thoughts create emotions, which in turn create motion.   So if you want to change your life, change your mind!

Through this philosophy, Lori teaches clients how to create success through personal alignment, love, appreciation, joy, and the release of limitations – so they may easily step into abundance on all levels of life.  Her strategy ~ where action and mindset meet spirituality.  Learn more about Lori at

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Linda DeCarlo

Linda DeCarlo, law of attraction coachLinda DeCarlo is a Personal Development Trainer and a Certified Law of Attraction Life and Business Coach. Linda empowers organizations and individuals, most especially Busy Entreprenurial and Executive Women, to cut through the chaotic clutter of life and work to what is truly meaningful.

Through her programs clients learn and apply both inner and outer success tools in order to become more purposeful, powerful, and happily productive.  Learn more about Linda at

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Kate Corbin

Kate Corbin, law of attraction coachLaw of Attraction Coach Kate is a master at inspiring and motivating clients to create a life absolutely overflowing with happiness, love, empowerment, freedom, vibrant good health, joyous relationships, and super-charged prosperity.  She is ready to encourage, inspire and support you to:

  • Live your best life now
  • Attract what you DO want
  • Stop attracting what you DON’T want
  • Manifest the true desires of your heart

To learn more about “blending the practical and the magical” with Coach Kate, visit

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Linda Ford

Linda Ford, law of attraction coachLinda Ford is a Master Coach utilizing the Law of Attraction. She works with people who are looking to attract success in relationships, career and money. Her philosophy: Don’t step into Action until you’ve had an Energetic Makeover.

Linda loves to work with people who are passionate about transformation, and who want nothing less than to live an extraordinary life. If you one of them, visit her site at

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Stella Seaspirit

Stella Seaspirit, law of attraction coachStella Seaspirit is your Witchy Law of Attraction Coach ~ merging deliberate creation and Witchcraft. She is the creator of Magick by Design which is a dynamic and highly intuitive form of coaching.

Stella helps you Witchify your life to allow an undeterred stream of magick to flow toward you. If the likes of flickering candles, smouldering incense and enchanted herbs intermingled with Universal Laws and arcane wisdom gets you into The Zone … and if you are excited to learn how to leverage the energies of the sun, moon, stars and planets to thrive in a magickal world, find balance in your actions and time manifestation workings by aligning yourself with natural forces to enhance and empower your intentions ~ Stella is the coach for you!  Find Stella online at

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Maria Lesetz

Maria LesetzMaria Lesetz is a Law-of Attraction Health & Happiness Coach and founder of Lovin’ Life – a coaching company that specializes in facilitating powerful, personal transformations in physical and emotional well-being.

Maria specializes in stress management, work-life balance, weight loss, chronic health conditions and breaking through all those mental obstacles that keep you from being happy now! Using Law of Attraction techniques made famous by the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Maria’s life coaching goes beyond physical wellness to empower you with maximum life happiness, putting you on the road to manifesting your greatest desires and dreams.  Learn more about Maria at

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Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman, law of attraction coachChristy is an in-demand life coach, transformational leader, CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. She has helped thousands of women and men around the world achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products.

Christy is a certified Law of Attraction coach and a trainer with T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials Training.  Learn more about Christy at

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Jeanna Gabellini

Jeanna Gabellini, law of attraction coach Jeanna Gabellini, CPCC, is recognized as a leading expert on the Law of Attraction and how to blend that knowledge with proven strategies to achieve ROCKSTAR results in business, finances as well as emotional and physical health. She has written hundreds of articles on these topics and many books, manuals and audios. Jeanna is known as the Extreme Abundance Coach, giving business owners, business teams and individuals the knowledge and coaching needed to get high-octane results while having a ton of fun! Find Jeanna online at

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Jeannette Maw

Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe CoachJeannette Maw is the founder of Good Vibe Coaching, publisher of Good Vibe Blog, host of the LOA party at Good Vibe University and co-founder of Good Vibe Coach Academy.

She believes life changes forever once we understand and embrace our power to create reality.  Practicing conscious creation puts all of our biggest dreams within realistic reach and transforms us from hard workers into magical manifestors.

Jeannette is a Master Certified Coach offering group courses and private coaching in her Masters Circle.  Find out more about her services at

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